With the digitisation of our world, having a way of protecting ourselves from malicious cyber attacks is essential. The significance of having a system in place to ensure the integrity of your networks cannot be understated, and COREX will be able to make sure that you and your data are secure. By utilising an array of services including vulnerability assessments, Intrusion prevention, Anti-DDos and advanced analytic engines, you will be safe in the knowledge that your businesses will be well protected and the risk of data breaches will be minimised.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Service


With constantly emerging cyber attacks that are becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis, SecurityScorecard is able to instantly identify and analyse vulnerabilities, active exploits and advanced cyber threats in order to protect your business and strengthen your pre-emptive security measures.  You are now able to minimise cyber risks in your IT infrastructure, and gain meaningful and actionable insights, while scaling your program with SecurityScorecard’s suite of products and services.

Webpage Vulnerability Assessment


By using the Web Vulnerability Scanning System, actionable analysis and reporting will be generated that will allow in improvement to the security of websites.  Vulnerability templates and forensic scanning technology are used to locate and prioritize dangerous vulnerabilities, while a closed-loop web-application security solution is used to protect from web attacks, data breaches and downtime.

Intrusion Prevention System


NSFOCUS Next Generation Intrusion Preventions System is an advanced multi-stage AI platform that detects and mitigates unknown and zero-day threats, going beyond standard signature and behaviour-based technology in order to detect malicious sites and botnets. It’s Threat Analysis System uses multiple innovative detection engines such as IP Reputation, Anti-Virus, Static and Dynamic Analysis engines and virtual sandbox execution to mimic live hardware environments, ensuring top tier security on your network.

DDos Mitigation


The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) provides a complete solution for flexible deployment to meet various customer’s business objectives by providing reliable monitoring and detection of DDoS attacks.  The ADS provides a multi-stage detection engine with an innovative approach to ensure a full-spectrum DDoS defense. This is done by subjecting all packets to a series of analyses, checks, and validations to accurately identify both legitimate and attack traffic.


CHT Security

With CHT Security’s new range of UTM Devices, you will have an all-in-one system that is able to protect you from Online Threats, allow you to configure firewall policies, and give you a history of its threat protection data all in a glance through a single web interface. Ideal for SME’s, micro-enterprises, SOHO’s and even mid-level enterprises with limited or no IT/MIS Staff, these UTM’s are able to protect all devices on your network, including often ignore IOT systems such as cameras, PBX and printers.


CHT Security

The growth of IOT in the current day and age is at an astonishingly high rate, and with this, the threat of attacks and network penetration due to fundamental components not having the appropriate security. CHT Security have developed an SIM overlay that addresses the challenges of securing IOT devices, including ensuring constant connectivity, authenticating endpoints, and ensuring that system integrity can be verified, tracked and monitored. This is all done with the Slim SIM, a power chip that is built into a 0.18mm thick overlay, which is then attached to a standard SIM, turning it in to a cryptography-based secure element. Your IOT security is assured.