Sustainable energy is becoming more of a necessity in our current day and age, with fossil fuels running low and damaging our environment. In order to combat Climate Change and Global warming concerns, COREX is actively partnering with vendors that align with the same strategy of creating carbon neutral renewable energy solutions, such as wind turbines and solar panels for applications such as electricity generation, transportation and off-grid services. At least 30 nations already around the world are contributing more than 20% of their energy supply through renewable sources, and this number is only going to grow with worldwide commitments from many countries to achieve carbon neutrality within the next few decades. COREX will be there to assist in making these commitments become a reality.


With the reduction of Carbon emissions being of paramount importance in the upcoming years, the shift towards Electric Vehicles is becoming more and more essential. However, realistic use of EV’s is limited by charging times which is why Etreego offer L3 DC Fast Charging Piles with large Power Ratings of up to 300kW that allow for better convenience of use and making the vision of day-to-day use of electric vehicles attainable. All of these are compatible with multiple renewable power sources keeping the supply chain completely green.


Recognised as one of the world’s leaders in Solar Technology, LONGi Solar Panels use award winning technologies to create powerful and efficient Monocrystalline cells that improve yield, reliability, and Balance of System Costs. Their Smart Soldering Technology and multi-shaped sections allows for module efficiency, maximized sunlight time, and dense soldering with lower stress points that produces a panel with exceptional efficiency, reliability and low cost that will last for 30 years with minimal degradation.


Growatt is known as the global Number 1 residential supplier of PV Inverter systems and with an emphasis on clean energy and creating smarter homes, they are quite clearly deserving of the multiple awards received in many countries world-wide. Extensive and continual Research and Development create powerful yet cost efficient devices that allow for greater longevity and return on investment. Smart monitoring and management will allow you to always have peace of mind with one-click diagnosis, remote parameter settings and firmware upgrades, as well as 24/7 online scanning and failure reporting.

NAVA Solar

NAVA solar from inception has a single goal in mind: to provide quality Solar products at an affordable price. Partnering with well renowned manufacturers from around the world, NAVA Solar Power inverters and LiFePO4 battery systems have multiple Certifications including ISO9001 Quality Assurances which ensure best of breed systems which include multi-Function inverters that will combine Solar, Grid and Battery power sources that can be remotely monitored through WIFI.


When talking about Portable Solar Storage products, it’s difficult to find a more well regarded and known name in Bluetti. Using LiFePO4 batteries, and integrating features such as wireless charging, AC & DC input charging from both solar panels and AC Chargers, or even car sockets, you can be assured of exceptional quality with rich capabilities and functions. Whether for outdoor recreational activities or indoor emergency power, Bluetti is able to cater for a wide and diverse array of requirements.


With an already well know reputation in energy solutions, KStar has partnered with CATL, the leading manufacturer of Batteries in the world to create the All-in-One BluE-S Energy Storage System. Having a Modular design and small footprint, installation time can be reduced by half and with an IP65 rating, it allows for more wide and flexible installation options. The Smart Home Management App allows for real-time monitoring locally over Wi-Fi, or even over 4G GSM connections giving users a First Class and Premium experience.


Regarded as one of the best Generator Engine manufacturers and one of the leaders in perfect general dynamic products, Loncin has concentrated its efforts into the development of low-carbon-emission products that include engine, generator, motorcycle and new-energy vehicles, with the highest reputation in its field providing superior, high-quality service and solutions to more than 100 countries. Loncin regards the concept of “Developing with People first” as its core enterprise culture and aims to provide clean, low-emission power solutions to the world.