Sustainable energy is becoming more of a necessity in our current day and age, with fossil fuels running low and damaging our environment. In order to combat Climate Change and Global warming concerns, COREX is actively partnering with vendors that align with the same strategy of creating carbon neutral renewable energy solutions, such as wind turbines and solar panels for applications such as electricity generation, transportation and off-grid services. At least 30 nations already around the world are contributing more than 20% of their energy supply through renewable sources, and this number is only going to grow with worldwide commitments from many countries to achieve carbon neutrality within the next few decades. COREX will be there to assist in making these commitments become a reality.


With over 20 years’ experience, Must® Solar has a comprehensive list of products that ensure technological innovation, and have exceptional build quality to guarantee peace of mind. Their mono and Polycrystalline Solar panels are UV and weather resistant, allowing for less maintenance and improved reliability, and are able to supply a range of Off-Grid, On-Grid and hybrid inverters to fit every purpose.


With the reduction of Carbon emissions being of paramount importance in the upcoming years, the shift towards Electric Vehicles is becoming more and more essential. The proposition of IoVT in the near future will bring EV charging, E-bus and E-Bike into the forefront of this new wave, and COREX with the assistance of key vendors, will be able to guide you through this transition smoothly and efficiently with professional site planning and supply, be it for residential, business districts, or even parking lots.



Sunwoda Energy’s primary focus is in the R&D, design and production of Lithium-Ion battery modules. Due to their strengths in this field, they are able to supply Energy Storage Integrations and Application technology that revolve around grid energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, househould energy storage, network energy and integrated energy services.


Wind Turbine

Keeping in line with reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprints, renewable energy in the form of Wind Turbines are a cost effective and space saving technology in comparison to other forms of commercially produced energy. Globally, wind-generation has increased its capacity both onshore and offshore by over 500 Gigawatts over the past 20 years and accounts for 16% of all electricity generated by renewables, showing the importance of these systems.