Being well known for having core competencies in Computing, COREX has vast knowledge and experience in the various computing fields such as Consumer, Embedded, Mobile, Point of Sale and High Performance. Partnering alongside well-known and reputable brands, COREX offers peace of mind in knowing that all solutions give reliability and cost effectiveness and ensures a stable return on investment with minimal disruptions in after sales support. Be it for Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing or Machine Learning, COREX has a system to suit every purpose.


COREX offers full and comprehensive solutions in this arena, enabling retail and hospitality industries achieve a holistic digital transformation. Ranging from Point of Sale Terminals to Kiosks, COREX Is able to provide quality equipment with extended life cycles and shorter ROI to ensure no business need compromise on their competitive edge or bottom line. Fast and efficient service with minimal downtime is essential to run a successful business, and this can be assured with the brands offered.


Embedded Computing Systems are highly customisable yet affordable systems that can be tailored to meet the exact needs and requirements of any array of tasks, with lower power consumption. These products power platforms in many industries, from small-scale entertainment to sophisticated designs for Medical and Transport. The burgeoning creators market has also blossomed in this segment, driving innovative new software and hardware for ultimate customizability. COREX offers a range of practical embedded computing platforms catering for a myriad of use cases from Creator to Medical and Automotive and many more, from Mobile Embedded, to Real-Time Embedded to support many industries and applications.


High performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. Modern computers perform over 3 billion calculations per second, faster than any human, but pales in comparison to HPC solutions performing quadrillions per second. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), and 3-D imaging have seen the amount of data organizations work with grow exponentially. COREX has partnered with global technology leaders committed to delivering first to market innovations for Enterprise, Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure with leading Server, AI, Storage, IoT, and Switch systems that operate across many markets.


With a demand for greater efficiency and reliability in mobile devices in areas such as logistics, warehousing and even private security, COREX has partnered with companies such as Honeywell and Sunmi in order to provide the best possible equipment to suit every need. With ruggedness and durability in mind, it is certain that these devices can offer unified and secure capabilities in both hardware and software to deliver the correct equipment for the correct scenario.


Consumers continue to demand the latest technology in the most ergonomic form factors and consumer satisfaction continues to be the greatest driver of innovation and rapid iteration of new technology, driven by the significant uptake in Cloud Computing. The consumer has become the center of the modern digital workspace and modern consumer computing platform offer a wide swathe of new and innovative products that break barriers. COREX is at the forefront of this movement offering a range of consumer oriented Ultra-Portables, Notebooks, Tablets, SFF PC’s, All-in-Ones, Smart Watches and Mobile devices geared for the modern user.