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Software-Defined Solution that Enables You to Transit Smoothly to the Cloud

COREX offers a one-stop solution for cloud computing and network security. Achieve a Unified Enterprise Cloud Management Infrastructure with Scale as you Grow architecture. SANGFOR HCI is Scalable Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution that allows you to build your own software defined data center in a few clicks. SANGFOR 3rd Generation HCI is unique compared to other HCI vendors, it is designed in such a way to deliver the most comprehensive Software Defined Data Centre (SDDN) solution. SANGFOR HCI allows server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization and network functions virtualization through a single pain of glass guaranteeing a reduced TCO and improved ROI. In Addition, Sangfor NGAF Firewall Platform is the world's first security solution that offers full security coverage for your entire network.


Sangfor HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) Solution.


Sangfor Specializes in Cloud Computing, Network Security & Network Optimization.



SANGFOR NGAF - The Worlds First Fully Integrated NGFW + WAF.

Sangfor Next Generation Application Firewall: Secured. Converged. Simplified.

As your Security Guard to the Future, Sangfor’ s concept of Network Security is following four fundamentals points that are at the core of their market strategy: 1) Security Visibility, 2) Real-time Detection/ Rapid Response, 3) Simplified Security Management, 4) L7 High-Performance Security. Choose the SANGFOR next generation, enterprise firewall protection + Web Application Firewall.



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