In the current climate, having access to reliable, fast and economic broadband is a necessity, and COREX is committed to making sure this is available. With the assistance of valued partners with many years’ experience in the field, COREX is able to guide you to the best possible solution to ensure solid and reliable communication structures are in place to make your business succeed.


The high costs associated with using land-based copper and fibre systems for communication make it a prohibitive and lengthy proposition. Wireless communications has become a standard that is synonymous with supplying affordable and reliable broadband that is able to link sites up to 100km away from each other. With the additional of newer wireless technologies, it is now possible to get in excess of gigabit speeds, allowing for high-speed throughput for data intensive scenarios. With COREX’s partnerships with multiple world-class vendors, we are able to ensure that the best options are available to suit any environment.


With the importance of AIoT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in conjunction with Big Data and Cloud applications, a high speed and secure communication is key and can only be successfully implemented through 5G networks. Through collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom, COREX is able to supply Enhanced 5G Mobile Broadband with low latency and high reliability, allowing for mMTC communications for key areas such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Campus, Smart Vehicles and Smart Healthcare.


Having high speed terrestrial forms of broadband available all around the world is not easy task. Remote or inaccessible areas and costs of running fibre can make it an unattainable in many regions, so new forms of communication are required in order to ensure constant and always available access. A series of geo-synchronous low earth orbit satellites can create a mesh that allows for communication in verticals such as maritime and aviation, and can even be used in Government and Enterprise scenarios with speeds of up to 500Mb/s.


COREX is partnering with Chunghwa Telecom to offer an inspiring smart city solution where all-in-one street lights and surveillance systems are connected via 5G small cell technology. This is accompanied by a “City OS” to keep the city connected and secure, while also introducing smart meters and smart parking to create the conveniences and efficiencies within our cities.