COREX is proud to have associated itself with a number of Qisda Group Companies as well as various Institutions to exclusively offer AI, 5G, and IoT technologies and solutions catering to various verticals. Our aim is to offer a holistic solution with NB-IoT and LTE-M platforms to enable a varying number of differing sensors, devices, vehicles, and “of-things” seamlessly connected to make our city, community and homes better, safer and more secure places.


COREX has proudly associated itself with Partnertech Corp, a Qisda Group Company, to exclusively distribute holistic POS Hardware and Software solutions in Southern Africa to enable retailers and restaurant to achieve a full digital transformation. Our product range covers POS Terminals and Peripherals, Kiosks, Digital Signage, Vending machines, Payment solutions, POS software, Marketing analytics, and more.

For more information, please visit our online store, or download our catalogue.


COREX offers a number of solutions including WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System), Hailing App, ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) software and we are also in partnership with a number of leading solutions providers such as Geek+, Honeywell, Sunmi and Jimmy IoT, to enable metro level smart logistics to improve safety and security for all distribution companies in South Africa.


COREX is proudly representing another of Qisda Groups companies, Acepillar in South Africa to deliver smart manufacturing components that enable smart manufacturing services. For more information, please visit our online store or download the Acepillar catalogues from our resource centre.


COREX is proudly partnered with various Drone companies and IoT Sensor makers to offer an advanced NB-IoT-based smart agriculture solution. We offer agriculture and remote sensing drones as well as unmanned ground vehicles and agriculture IoT to make smart agriculture in Africa a reality.


COREX is partnering with CHT (Chunghwa Telecom) to offer an inspiring smart city solution. We have adopted an all-in-one Street light with integrated 5G Small Cell and a Surveillance system with “City OS” to keep the city connected and secure, and we have also introduced smart meters and smart parking to create more convenience and better efficiency for our cities.


COREX is endeavoring to find the most affordable, reliable Smart Home products and solutions for all South Africans, enabling them to live a better, safer, and happier life. Our products are user friendly and easily configured via the App.