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Service Policy

The Corex Service Policy terms and conditions provided here are for informational purposes only and are meant for registered Corex customers and for consumers who have purchased from a Corex Reseller.

All products purchased through Corex, are covered by the individual manufacturer’s warranty. These are standard warranties provided by Corex. Corex will not be held responsible for any other or extra warranty provided through other places of purchase.

If technical support or exchange is required, the consumer must first seek assistance from the place that the product was purchased. Corex does not provide support directly to the consumer unless the consumer is not able to receive any assistance or support from the place of purchase. In this case if Corex is able to assist, the consumer must provide their original proof of purchase for any warranty to be carried out for repair or exchange only. In the event that the consumer would like to have an item credited, this must be done through the place that the unit was originally purchased by the consumer.

Please contact the place of purchase directly for any warranty service.

Below you will find Corex standard terms and conditions with regards to warranties and products.

1.       These conditions apply to any component, peripherals, notebooks, PCs, Servers, consumer electronics and solutions based products purchased from Corex that are sent in for repair, replacement, exchange or credit.

2.       Corex’s warranty is a carry in warranty, unless otherwise specified, where it would be the responsibility of the person that purchased goods from Corex, to have them sent in to us.

3.       All defective goods sent in to Corex will be thoroughly tested by our own in-house technicians to verify the fault on the item, if any.

4.       Products have a 12 month warranty from date of purchase, unless otherwise specified

5.       The warranty will be void if the serial number label is missing, damaged or tampered with. Any product containing a “Do not remove” sticker will be subject to the same conditions.

6.       If found faulty, any component sent in will be replaced the within a minimum of 48 hours owing to stock availability and reparability.

7.       If a component is not found to be faulty according to the designated fault report, the component will be returned to the customer as is.

8.       PC’s, Notebook and Servers will normally be fixed on the counter while you wait. If the problem takes longer than one hour to fix, the PC or Server will then need to be booked in after which time further work will be carried out.
Standard turnaround time for PC’s is 24-48 Hours.
Standard turnaround time for Servers is 48-72 Hours
The above times will depend on the severity of the problem experienced as well as parts availability.

9.       Notebooks and other consumer electronics products will be booked in and an average turnaround time of 72 hours can be expected. This will depend on spare parts availability.

10.   Please back up your data before booking any goods in. Corex is and will not be held liable for any loss of data that occurs.

11.   To ensure that this process is carried out efficiently, with minimal delays, please make sure of the following…

1.       The unit(s) are undamaged, as we are not liable for any physical damage other than product failure.

2.       There must be a detailed fault report or explanation attached to the defective item(s) to explain the problem. The more detail we are provided, the speedier the turnaround time.

12.   LG, Sony, Epson and Samsung products will be sent to their relevant appointed repair centres. Corex will make every effort to ensure that units are repaired as soon as possible. Spare parts availability or the lack thereof, at non-Corex repair centres, will affect the turnaround time of the repair.

13.   Brand new replacements for faulty items cannot be guaranteed. We will replace some items with refurbished replacement units.

14.   When there is a shortage on any specific item, we will swap the item with the most similar product or pass credit at the customer’s discretion. Credit will be given based on replacement cost of the same or most similar product currently sold at Corex.

15.   If any goods are damaged or if the warranty has passed its expiration date or has been voided, customers will be liable to pay for the repair of the product.

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