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Become a Reseller

Corex would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and interest in Corex.

To become a registered dealer with Corex, you are required to be a reseller of computer equipment; unfortunately Corex does not sell directly to the public. 

Corex will only supply to businesses that are registered by way of being a properly documented company or a close corporation. The main business trade on the registration documents must state that the nature of the business is a computer reseller. 

Once you have been recognized as a computer reseller, you will be required to fill out a Corex Dealer application Form, and we will require certain documents and items to be included and submitted with the form.

  • Certified copy of a South Africa I.D. Document
  • Certified copy of I.D. Documents from Resident Country (if not from South Africa)
  • Cancelled Company Cheque
  • Copy of the companies CK/Registration documents.

All of Corex’s terms based accounts are insured by Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Ltd. and any terms granted will be subject to a credit limit being authorized and approved by them. Your first payment will have to be a cash payment and unfortunately Corex does not offer a Credit Card facility as yet.

Download the Corex Dealer Application here 

Doing Business With Corex

Tell me about your payment terms?

Once you have completed the Dealer Application Form, your details will then be sent to Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Ltd. C.G.I.C. will then issue us a Credit Cover, this is what will determine your payment terms with Corex. All purchases with Corex are cash until cover is issued. Please note that following methods: Your first payment will have to be a cash payment and unfortunately Corex does not offer a Credit Card facility. 

Who do I talk to, to place an Order?

Anyone here at Corex will be able to assist you, however, a Sales Consultant will be allocated to your account. We feel that by having a dedicated sales consultant understanding you and your business, this would assist in expanding your business. 

Do you deliver or do I have to collect?

We definitely deliver to our dealers, however, we do not deliver directly to the end-user. We offer next day delivery for all our local dealers and same day delivery in special cases. 

How quickly are orders fulfilled?

Well, there are two ways that you can place an order: 
1) You can phone Corex, speak to one of our Sales Consultant and place your order, or
2)You can walk in to Corex and place your order with our Sales Consultant in the dispatch area.
Your orders will then be ready for pickup within 20-30 minutes, depending on how busy we are.

Tell me about your warranties and returns?

Our warranties are very standard, our products have a 12-month warranty from date of purchase (unless otherwise specified). Should the product be defective within the 7 days of purchase, it will be replaced immediately after being tested by our technical staff.

With regards to our returns, Corex has a 48-hour full credit policy, however the package must be completed. After the 48-hours, to a maximum of 14 days from date of purchase, Corex will charge a minimum of 20% handling fee. Unfortunately no credit will be issued for products that are longer than 14 days after purchase. 

Tell me about your service and support center?

Our well-trained technical staffs are always willing to assist you with problems related to Hardware and Software supplied by Corex. The support team will book in jobs that cannot be repaired over the counter and will make sure that these repairs are seen to as-soon-as-possible.

We hope that you are more comfortable in the way Corex works, and hope to get your dealer Application in as soon as possible so that we could start to do some business.

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