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Corex is dedicated to helping customers develop reliable gaming platform solutions and machines. We have the industrial ePlatform design know-how, gaming domain know-how and experience with comprehensive software packages. We offer hardware platforms, peripherals, and software solutions specifically designed for the gaming market segment, and value-added customization services for Casino, Class II, “Amusement With Prizes" machines (AWP), Arcade, and Pachislot applications requiring sophisticated graphics, audio performance, multi-I/O controls, and chassis design. We are proud that our complete services reach gaming customer needs worldwide.

The term gaming typically refers to instances in which the activity has been specifically permitted by law with the intent to wager money on a game of chance. A “gaming” company offers legal “gambling” activities to the public and may be regulated by one of many gaming control boards, and this is a thriving industry and Corex has the partners and know how to offer a complete range of solutions and services for this industry.

Gaming Platform Customization Services:

Hardware Design Support Services for Gaming:

From the planning stages to the final product validation stages, working with our partner we are able to offer a custom hardware design service that allows you to fully customise and tailor make the solution to your exacting standards and requirements to suit any need and to ensure that you deliver the right solution for your customer.

Firmware & OS Customization Services for Gaming:

Corex working closely with its partner provides gaming-specific firmware and software customization services that deliver the superior performance, compatibility and functionality that is expected by manufacturers of gaming platforms. Our partners simplified the firmware and OS integration process by providing user-friendly APIs for device access and control of: GPIO, watchdog timer, thermal sensor, LCD brightness, fan speed control, and Secure ID storage. Embedded Software Services includes Embedded BIOS services, OS services and API Library (DPCI and SUSI). Embedded Software Services help decrease design effort and project complexity, and accelerate product development.

Programmable IC Firmware Services:

Other custom design services that are offered include many non-mainstream design elements such as FPGA and CPLD design, analogue design as well as microprocessor integration and custom driver development. These are areas of expertise where Corex and its partners have a unique depth of expertise.

Embedded BIOS:

We are able to offer specific BIOS Customization Services to help customers create unique BIOS solutions and differential embedded products, for example: Fast Boot, OEM Logo, LCD brightness control, optional ROM, multiple Super IO, embedded controllers and security features. In order to completely fulfil customer BIOS requirements, we also help customers with BIOS specification reviews and technical consultancy for any unique BIOS customization services.


Embedded OS:

Based on years of experience in tailor-made OSs, the embedded solutions are packaged to help customers speed up their project development. These include Custom XPe OS Image, File Based Write Filter Utility, Custom Logo Utility, Screen Resolution Utility, System Boot Log Utility, Memory Adjustment Utility, Auto Launch Utility, Registry Editor Utility, System Reboot Utility and a Watchdog Timer Utility.


SUSI Application Interface (Secure & Unified Smart Interface):

SUSI provides a set of user-friendly, intelligent and integrated interfaces, which speeds development, enhances security and offers add-on value for our platforms. SUSI plays the role of catalyst between developer and solution, and makes embedded platforms easier and simpler to adopt and operate with customer applications.


Casino Machines

picWith the increasing popularity of gaming and gambling, Casino machines, known variously as slots, video poker, fruit machines, etc., offer people a chance to participate in gaming entertainment, with its lure of possible payouts, for a very modest investment. To serve the huge market, Advantech-Innocore provides a wide range of high performance platforms for casino machine game developers and system integrators. Our platforms allow customers to concentrate on their game development, not complex hardware issues. We provide high performance hardware platforms, complete software and firmware solutions, and in-depth customer support/industry knowledge.



picThe largest segment of the gaming industry is the street machines, AWP--the one-armed bandits or fruit machines segment. Typically located in places of amusement, bars, convenience stores and arcades, these machines provide low jackpots for small stakes compared to machines in licensed casinos. Advantech-Innocore provides a range of platforms for the AWP segment where low cost as well as reliability and long production lifespan are important factors. Many of these platforms offer the same level of security and gaming-optimized I/O as our casino platforms but at lower cost points.


VLTs/Class ll

VLTs/Class llAlthough somewhat less strictly regulated than electronic gaming machines for the casino and Class III markets, gaming machines for Class II/VLT are increasingly employing similar levels of computer performance. Features such as two- and three-screen cabinets as well as 3D graphics and attractive multimedia effects are becoming common in Class II and VLT machines. Advantech-Innocore's DPX© range of products is in use in many such machines around the world, providing the high level of multimedia performance required as well as all the I/Os and COMs on a single platform.


Multiplayer Games

Multi-player electronic gaming machines are popular in some markets where players may prefer electronic games over table games with live dealers. These games are typically regulated to the same level as other casino games, and as such Advantech-Innocore's range of products is well suited for use in multiplayer games. In particular the "E Series" products offer the same level of security and gaming optimized I/O as our casino platforms but at a lower cost point, with lower power requirements, and some models are also fanless.



Arcade games have always had their core youth following, but as technology and creativity continue to increase, older generations are also becoming attracted to the challenge that newer and updated games offer. In the past, arcade game providers typically handled development and production in-house, but as times and the global economy have changed, more have begun to outsource total solutions, rather than just a few select components. In addition, systems that were formerly based on RISC technology are now switching to the more widely used x86 platform.



PachislotAs times and technologies have changed, pachinko/pachislot too have evolved to a higher level. Open-frame LCD panel solutions are widely applied in pachinko/pachislot machines for integrating with gaming graphic display controllers and MPEG2/4 video decoders. We offer a wide range of sizes in cost-effective, open-frame LCD displays and compact sized low cost motherboards to reduce project budgets. Advantech-Innocore also provides API tools for shortening application development cycles, and we even offer an I/O card for controlling the ball sensor and push buttons.


Dedicated to the Gaming Industry:

A Comprehensive Technical Knowledge of the Industry:

  • Expert engineering, project management and design capabilities for efficient project execution
  • Multi-discipline teams—hardware, firmware, FPGA, BIOS, OS, manufacturing and QC engineers
  • Software drivers and libraries available to support the majority of gaming peripherals (including bill acceptors, etc)
  • On-time design and build of custom hardware and software projects
  • Comprehensive package—prototype validation, driver testing, manuals, drawings, design files, manufacturing test procedures, diagnostics
  • Worldwide regulatory approvals for all products

Excellence in Design:

Our partner’s products are designed and manufactured using high quality components, and the most up-to-date design and production methodologies. In contrast to mass produced commercial grade motherboards, we design for reliable operation as well as longevity rather than low cost. Careful attention is paid to signal termination, power supply design, EMC and signal integrity. Thermal management is also taken into account during the design and testing stages to ensure that product performance is optimized for varied environments including casinos, arcades, etc. where operation is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Understanding the environment and regulatory constraints of a gaming machine allows our design engineers to add features that solve problems before they arise: simple things such as mechanical attachment of heatsinks, providing positive latching on connectors, retaining clips for compact flash cards, design for easy assembly and field maintenance and so forth.

Excellence in Manufacturing:

Our partner’s products are manufactured using state-of-the-art production equipment and methods to ensure the highest yield rates and best reliability. Techniques including BGA X-Ray inspection, automated test routines and elevated temperature burn-in are employed to ensure the products our customers receive are 100% functional and robust for long term operation.

The huge in-house manufacturing capacity of our partner makes Corex unique, as do the services that are now offered with extended warranty, guaranteed RMA turnaround, onsite support and stock supply options. Furthermore, their infrastructure now spans the world, with offices on five continents served by over 4,500 people on the staff, 900 of which are dedicated R&D engineers.

Excellence in Service:

With a global footprint covering all the major regions, our partner’s organization is unique in its ability to put technical support, configuration and repair services close to its customers. Furthermore, our combined focus on the gaming industry means that not only are our products tailored to exactly suit the needs of gaming, but our service and support are as well. Knowledgeable support means our customers can feel confident that we will support them whether it is a problem in software development, security, or with a regulatory compliance submission.

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