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Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

Our Challenge
There’s no denying that commoditization bedevils South Africa’s channel, and will continue to do so. Commoditization simply means there is no differentiation in the product being purchased.

For consumers, it is simple: they don’t care how they buy or where they buy from, as long as the price they pay is the cheapest. For the channel, it is not so simple: having to cater for commoditization is not good for business.

It means most distributors are no more than box movers. Their only focus is on margins. They cannot provide the same level of value-added services as they did some five to ten years ago; it would simply not be economically viable.

There’s also pressure from retailers and multi-national companies (MNCs), who are all encroaching on the space traditionally occupied by value-added resellers and system integrators.

Although sales volumes may be growing, prices are under immense pressure and margins have shrunk. Traditional distribution, as we know it, is set to stagnate – if not implode.

Our Vision
To re-invent the South African distribution channel and initiate a paradigm shift that will be built on new business platforms and processes. To show distributors, resellers and systems integrators new avenues, business platforms and processes for long-term, profitable growth. To be the distributor of choice for resellers and vendors alike.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create profitable partnerships in a variety of markets that have been untapped, but with the potential for very long lifecycles. Along the way, we will work with local companies, empower them and up skill their staff, offering world-class pre- and post-sales back-up, support, and training.

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