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Management Team
Management Team

The Corex Management Team is both mature and forward-looking. The management personnel are well supported by the sales, marketing and support teams, and with many years of specialist and complementary talents and skill they understand the dynamics of the South African market very well. With a penchant for working well with partners and adapting to any situation, the Corex Management team are well equipped to adapt to any challenges.


Mark H. Lu | Chief Executive Officer

One of the most recognised personalities in ICT, Corex CEO Mark Lu has been described as a business dynamo: driven, ambitious, a true leader, open to new challenges, demanding and visionary. He has been nominated for CEO of the year numerous times, and has garnered many other industry awards and accolades throughout his career.

He successfully started Rectron, and headed up the GIGABYTE Notebook Division as Managing Director. His objective is to take Corex to new heights, and reinvent the local distribution model along the way.

Read More about Mark Lu.





Cheslynne Britz | Managing Director

"Hard work, dedication and honesty are my mottos in life; if you work hard and show interest you can go far in life. I encourage all team leaders to let their staff think out of the box and urge them to make their own decisions; if you don't give someone the space to grow, by allowing them to think and do things for themselves that growth will never happen. I am constantly interacting with the teams, as personal coaching and daily interaction are a key component.”

As the Managing Director for Corex, and with vast experience in the channel, Cheslynne was the first female MD in the industry. She started her career in 2001 as a Sales PA, before moving to sales consultant and then to Product Management and then, later, Head of the Business Management Team. Cheslynne was promoted to General Manager, and is now in her current role as Managing Director.

In keeping with her preferred management style, Cheslynne maintains an open door policy with an open and honest management style, which she says is essential to any business relationship. This, she says, means customers and Corex personnel alike can freely approach her for advice and help with any situation.


Stewart Diss | General Manager

“With our extensive product portfolio, outstanding technical knowledge and exceptional service we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors and offer a formidable relationship with our customers. We are committed to recognising and appreciating the characteristics that make Corex Durban's employees unique in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement.”

Stewart is based at the Cape Town Branch and overseas all Operations within the Western Cape and surrounding regions. Corex Cape Town has grown from strength to strength. The branch maintains an open door policy that allows employees and customers to directly address their concerns, whether positive or negative, to management. Constructive criticism is always welcome.




Christopher Coetzee | Cloud Business Head

Christopher started his career as a specialist for Server Products in the IT industry and as a salesman, where he showed great potential and picked up a lot of practical experience. After being appointed as a Product Manager and working his way up to Business Manager and division head, he is now the Business-to-Business (B2B) Head at Corex.

Christopher attributes a lot of his of his success to working with a number of influential people included Mark Lu, and he enjoys the constant challenges that each day brings, with no two days being alike. Christopher, like Corex, is a fresh and active person with a will to make things happen and to grow Corex to be one of, if not the, industry leader in South Africa.




Werner Kuhn | Retail Business Head

Werner started his career at a well-known distributor just over 13 years ago, and has worked his way up through the ranks, starting in the sales department, and slowly moving up to Product Management, Sales Management, Business Management, and finally, to Sales Director.

As head of retail, Werner has a firm grasp of the latest sales techniques and utilizes his many years of experience to good effect. Werner has a firm and friendly management style and has a fantastic team of people under him helping to drive Corex forward.

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