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About Corex

Founded in 2003, COREX has its beginning in the distribution of components and gaming peripherals and has built on this foundation to grow into the company that it is today. COREX has maintained its business philosophy, which established our fundamental direction and practices leading to success. Wielding a profitable and sustainable business model, COREX has been able to achieve sustainable growth nationwide.

In January 2012, COREX shifted its market focus, building on its long-established foundations, setting a goal of becoming one of South Africa’s most recognized brand names, and a key player in a burgeoning market replete with untapped opportunities including Cloud Computing, Storage, IPC, Internet of Things, IP Surveillance, and iService.

From our beginnings in components and gaming peripherals, COREX now offers a complete range of both B2C focused and B2B focused product lines and solutions. The product range has grown exceedingly, and to such an extent, that COREX is regarded as a key player in the South African IT Distribution market.

The management team at COREX has a clear vision of where the market is going: a shift from computing to cloud, from hardware to software and from products to solutions; and the reasons for expanding into and focusing on B2B are manifold but stark: COREX feels that distribution, as it currently stands, is stagnant. The conventional distribution model has become both convoluted and commoditized. Margins have been pressed from all sides.

COREX firmly believes that you don’t need to be a traditional box mover in the distribution or channel arena. There are countless untapped markets to expand into, and B2B is one way forward to save the industry. We are determined to change the direction of the distribution market for the better and keep the channel alive.

We are taking an innovation standpoint, where we are working closely with value added resellers, system integrators, independent software vendors to bring forward new business platforms and new ways of doing business to the channel. Through this innovation, we are able to focus on the many lucrative – but mostly untapped – segments within B2B arena.

With the solid backing of COREX, local systems integrators and other players can provide more value to their customers, since they will only need to focus on what they already know. On a global level, COREX will continue to build partnerships with key international brands, working closely and not only drawing on their product lines, but also on their skills and expertise, and sharing this with local partners. Our international partners have been carefully selected for their global strengths and because they are entrenched, long-established leaders in their fields.

Not only will COREX deliver the buying power required by local partners, but we will also provide a level of technical expertise, project management and other services that no other distributor or vendor can supply.

COREX, within its first full year of B2B focus, doubled its turnover and grew the company exponentially, and will not stop there. The market is still very much untapped and the aim of the company is to again achieve this feat, and in turn help to further build and grow a healthier and more profitable market.

Our Vision
To re-invent the South African distribution channel and initiate a paradigm shift that will be built on new business platforms and processes. To show distributors, resellers and systems integrators new avenues, business platforms and processes for long-term, profitable growth. To be the distributor of choice for resellers and vendors alike.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create profitable partnerships in a variety of markets that have been untapped, but with the potential for very long lifecycles. Along the way, we will work with local companies, empower them and up skill their staff, offering world-class pre- and post-sales back-up, support, and training.

Our Team
COREX is run by mature, forward-looking management personnel supported by highly trained sales, marketing and technical teams with many years of specialist and complementary talents and skills. The COREX team understands the market, and is adept at working with partners, both locally and internationally.

Our Values
Trust and Share
Humble yet Hungry
Embrace Change and Have Fun

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